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Fitting an MX guard to an XR6

Rider / Bike Inventory

  Info to help get your XR registered
More info wanted!!

XR & XL Valve Clearance Specifications

Camshaft & Auto Decompressor info & removal ('88on XR6)

Various CRF450R info

Quick Jetting Guide.

2nd Hand XR600 FAQ & Chronology

XR400 Modifications Report by: Jay Peters (4 pages)

 XR400 Axle Diagrams  (By Gulli Asgeirsson)
Front Axle (28.8k)  |  Rear Axle (25.5k)

 Rick Coates Popular XR250R FAQ 

Tips on how to avoid flats

hints tips and setups compilation

XR250 Tank onto XR600 Conversion

Glen Bells '97 XR600

An email to me from Dave Thomas RE: XR's

XR Model Info (Constantly Under Construction)'s XR650R page

A snapshot of what may have been a prototype XR650R

JAW'S Tech Pages

 XR600 Gearbox teardown and info

Suspension Basics

XR600 Stator  Rewind

XR600 Teardown

Ex - "The Unofficial XR Page" Information:
(Pages Adopted WITH permission From J Hansen)

XR6 "Strange boiling sounds" - this discussion may help

Tom Niemela's XR Dualsport Project bike

XR250L Project by Rick Ramsey (From J. Hansen)

XR250 Tips by Jeff Dunham (From J. Hansen)

Wally King's XR200 Hopups (From J. Hansen)

Stuart Watson's XR200 Hopups (from J. Hansen)

Internet Q: XR600 running hot (From J. Hansen)

Scott Summers 10 Go Fast Tricks (from J. Hansen)

A Brief History of the XR600 By Geff Deeney (from J. Hansen)

Roger Browns XR Tips (from J. Hansen)

Fanny Pack Basics By Dick Burleson (from J. Hansen)

Newsgroup Discussion on XR600 forks (from J. Hansen)

EZ2ENDO's World

"Baja Mexico . . . as I saw it."
By Chet Jones

"Twenty Years of Tips and Tricks"
By Chet Jones

"The Darkside"
By Chet Jones

ez2endo's Links Page


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  • Jetting Overview - By Alex Dicharry from DNA Racing.
  • Quick Jetting Guide (Local Page)

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    Making the 2000 XR650R "run right" - Brians 2000 XR650R Page

    Wally King's XR200 Hopups (Local Page)

    Scott Summers 10 Go Fast Tricks (Local Page)

    Stuart Watson's XR200 Hopups (Local Page)

    XR200 2 vavle motor article

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    Power Sports Pro - Great 'fiche Site

    Microfiche Readers & Cards - Plenty of XR Microfiche's
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  • All-OffRoad - Tech-Tips Air Filter Maintenance

  • JustKDX's: Building a footlift

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    2nd Hand XR600 FAQ & Chronology (Local Page)

    A Brief History of the XR600 (Local Page)

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  • All-OffRoad - Tips - Equipping for a long ride

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