XR mailing list Guidelines

The XR Mailing list is primarily for the discussion of XR and Dirtbike related topics.  While there aren't any steadfast rules as such we all believe that common sense should prevail in most cases.  The list has been an invaluable source of technical information, news, great internet links,  entertainment, and even a place to find new friends.

1.  The mailing list, while not having to be a Perfectly toddler safe environment, has to be free from inappropriate material.  The type of "inappropriate material" I'm speaking of is pretty common sense.  Anything that is going to seriously offend other list members, keeping in mind that we have a pretty broad demographic as far as age goes.

I would also like to go on and clarify that we CAN have heated or argumentative discussions, if you hold a contrary position to someone that isn't a problem.  Just keep it under control.

2.  When an offensive message is posted, feel free to let the list know you believe it to be inappropriate.

BUT: as many people have pointed out, PLEASE do not include the original offensive email in following posts.  This is really important, as there is nothing people hate more than to have to see the same rubbish over and over.

3.  List members who post Highly offensive material, may be subject to removal.

4.  Let's keep it about the good stuff,  Dirtbikes!!!

5. Spamming is a big no no.

6.  If you wish to post an off topic subject or comment, add NXRC in the subject.  This stands for "No XR Content".  Off topic subjects are basically those that have no relevance to dirtbikes.

7.  Any member continually acting in a harassing or offensive manner after being warned, will be removed from the mailing list.  Repeated attempts to join using alternate mail addresses will result in the individual being reported to their ISP or Internet Mail Provider.

8.  This list is here for all of us to use, enjoy, and learn from.  I don't want to have a Draconian set of rules held over everyone's heads.  That would just make it a waste of time.  There haven't been many unsavory posts since this list was started, but the few little "problems" we have had should be kept well under control if we all use our head.