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WHAT is -Netbikes?
The whole idea behind's Netbikes section is to allow XR Enthusiasts and members of the justxr mailing list to share their bikes with others on the world wide web.  Various technical specifications along with a picture of the bike is included in each profile.

Feel free to send a pic and details of your bike in.  Please include any modifications or hints / tips and info that you think is relevant.  Also mention what title you would like for your page and whether you want any contact details placed on it.  The page can be updated later on if you carry out further changes.

John K - webmaster -
600cc and larger 400 to 500cc
Less than 400cc

Groups of bikes.

Non XR's

XR & XL's:
350cc Bikes
Brett's  '85 XR350R

250 and 280cc Bikes
Rev's XR280
EZ2ENDO's (Chet) Baja XR250
Tristan's '98 XR250
Lloyds 1997 XR250
Coreys '97 XR250 (for sale)
Chris Charlesworth's '99 UK XR250
J Hardy's '87 XR250R (for sale)
Wade Wooldridge's 93 XR250R
Neil Goodin's XR250
Kurt Stuarts '89 XR250
Frazz's 2001 XR250R
XR200 and smaller cc bikes
Justin's XR200
Laine T's XR70
David Carter's XR50

Think your machine should be here alongside these?  Send in a pic and some details to:

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