1993 XR600

No picture as of yet, do you have one of an original '93 600? If so
send it onto me  CONTACT_JUSTXR.COM

1993 XR600 RP Bike Specifications:

Engine Displacement - 591cc

Bore Diameter - 97.0 mm

Stroke - 80.0 mm

Carb/s - Single 38mm Kei Hin

Dry Weight - .......kg

Tank Capacity - 10 litres

Front Rim - 21 inches

Rear Rim - 18 inches

Other Info:

The '93 XR600 is essentially the same as the '91 XR600 other than the typical honda Bold New Graphics Update, and a larger diameter front axle.

"Subtle motor changes"  Anyone aware of what these were?