1985 XR350 RF

Info & pic. courtesy of Brett Thomas
Engine Type:  Dry Sump, SOHC, RFVC, air cooled, fours stroke single, 32 BHP @7500RPM, 23.7 ft-lb @600RPM.

Engine Displacement - 353cc 

Bore Diameter - 84.0 mm 

Stroke - 63.8 mm 

Compression Ratio -  9.5:1 

Carb/s - single 35mm Keihin 

Ignition: Solid State CD, with electronic advance. NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug.

Starter - Kick with auto and manual compression releases

Transmission - 6 Speed

Final drive - 520 O-ring chain (104 links)  14 tooth front sprocket, 42 tooth rear sprocket

Wheelbase - 56.3 Inches

Seat Height – 36.2 Inches

Ground Clearance – 12.6 Inches

Dry Weight - 247 pounds (claimed)

Tank Capacity – 2.5 Gallons 0.8 reserve

Front Suspension - 41mm air adjustable forks, 11 inches travel

Rear Suspension - Pro Link with adjustable rebound and compression damping, 11 inches travel

Front Brakes - Disc with dual piston caliper and braided stainless steel brake line

Rear Brakes - Drum

Front Rim - 21 inches , tire 3.00 x 21

Rear Rim - 17 inches, tire 5.10 x 17

Colors – Red plastics, red frame, black engine, blue seat

Serial numbers:   
Engine-NE01E-5000001 through 5005622,
Frame-NE010-FK000015 through FK205671

Major Updates:

Dry sump engine (reported to reduce engine operating temperatures)

Single Carburetor (reported to reduce engine operating temperatures)
                 Tubular engine/frame guard (reported to reduce engine operating temperatures)

Engine displacement 353CC’s  up from 339 (stroke increased from 61.3mm to 63.8mm)

Electronic digital Enduro/trip Meter (great design, but prone to early failure)

Last year of production for XR350.

This picture courtesy of Darren H.