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Road Racing Foolishness by MikeE ~ Trick Photography by Lisa Theobold and Co
Article mirrored at justxr.com with permission from Mike E.

Don't call me lazy.

Don't even call me a procrastinator. I've been very busy see…

Yeah, I know, taking a summer off hurt my content. You still stood by me though (Goblessya) and the site (www.2wf.com) is as popular as ever with a near 25% increase on last year's figures. So, where have you been, I hear you ask... what have I been doing?

bike on stand

This. Project XR-RR.  It took on a life of its own in early January 2002. You probably read the original stories, part one and part two; it was my foray into a street legal motard assembled from the best of the best in terms of top shelf equipment. Problem was, Mr EPA stood in between my perfect street bike based assault weapon and me. So there I was, no tag, no title - all talk and no action. And with no local supermotard racing going on I was stuck between a rock and a dirt trail… What to do?

This answer came.  swiftly in the form of one of our associate editors, AlexF who kept coming back from Amateur CCS races with highly charged lurid tales of daring do and large gaudy plastic and wood trophies (some taller than he). Third parties also told of seeing the odd motard prepped ex motocrosser or two kicking sportbike arse at some of Florida's road-race tracks. In no time at all I cashed in on one of my many race school certificates sent off my check for $100 to the CCS folks and permission to race was granted.

Now, I'm old - 40 and a bit to be as precise as I would like to be. I first dabbled in road racing many decades ago when tires were still made of wood. I'd done my fair share of track mileage whilst putting this thing together, now was time to see how it would compare in comparison with other purpose built racing singles.

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