My race face was found though, first time out saw me obtain a 3rd in "my" class - Supersingles and a 5th in lightweight sportsman. I'd bullied my way into GT lights, but alas, most SV650's (including AlexF's) proved too fast for the XR-RR. With my bike eventually ending up making 55 BHP and just under 60lbs of torque, starts in particular were my forte', with all that torque propelling me into the front of most of my races.

I managed to finally convert those starts into my first win at my next race event with a victory in Supersingles, a 4th in Lightweight Sportsman and a 5th in Lightweight GP. In my next event , again I managed to grab another 1st in Supersingles and a second in lightweight sportsman.

Next up was Daytona, racing for two national championships. I managed to take a first place in both Supersingles and Lightweight Sportsman. Not bad considering this was my rookie year racing in the US and the fact that most of my competition were 65+ BHP MZ's or similar and I was on totally stock dirt bike suspension. I was so happy with my Daytona race wins that I preceded to wheelie all around Daytona, infield, and banking, in fact anywhere with asphalt. Mr Race Director was extremely unhappy - Me? I was ecstatic.
bike on stands

front guard
I was approached by GMD Computrack (a big help with AlexF's success this year) a couple of times offering to lower the bike a little to aid geometry - especially as I looked like I was riding a flying stepladder. But as unwieldy as this bike looks, it's fast round the track. It doesn't wobble, slide or tie itself up in knots in any way at all. The thing has been stone reliable, runs pump gas and starts and stops with a precision that would humble a factory prepped bike. All parts put on this bike have performed flawlessly.

So what have we ended up with? It's probably one of the cheapest ways to get into racing, for a start. It's a dirt bike after all. If you crash it (which I didn't) it'll only cost $80 bucks or so to replace the scarred plastic and with its long travel suspension, overly heavy braking or throttle inputs can easily be caught without launching you into next week. Because that same suspension has not been molested the bike can easily serve double duty for off road excursions.

Now if I could only get a street tag, I'd have three bikes in one…

Part four anyone?


Bike: Leftover 2000 Honda XR650R supplied by Champions Honda 321-636-4988

Wheels: Both 17" Supplied by MotomasterUSA 1-866-MotoMaster (668-6627)
- Front is a 3.50" wide with a Michelin 120/60-17 Slick (Soft) The Rear 4.25" wide a Michelin 150/60-17 Pilot Race (DOT Soft). The wheels come complete with hubs and spacers - ready to mount.

Brakes: Supplied by MotomasterUSA Race four-piston front caliper mounted to 320mm full floating rotor comes complete with caliper bracket. Rear is stock caliper with a motomaster lightweight rear rotor.

Brake line: Braided Steel Supplied by Galfer USA 805-653-5012

Brake Master Cylinder: Brembo Cast Radial Pump GP supplied by Frenotec (904)-260-6573 Adjustable span,

Exhaust System: Arrow Supermotard specific supplied by Gio Moto Inc 702.651.6940

Triple Clamp: Supplied by Billet Racing Products (BRP) 800-834-9363

Steering Damper: Rotary style supplied by Scotts Performance (818) 248-6747

Fork Brace: Supplied by Summers Racing Components (SRC) 1-502-243-3150

Sprockets: Typically I run 15/42 for Daytona banking I ran 15/39 - Supplied by Vortex Racing Components 800-854-5921

Lap Timer: Displays split times, total run time (especially good for recording maintenance schedules) supplied by Aim Sports (MyChron) 909.674.9090

Engine Diaper: A must for track safety. It's a ballistic engine restraint that holds oil, water or motor debris in case of a catastrophic engine failure supplied by Taylor Motorsports 714-630-7850

Race Stands: Fellow racer/owner Brett Ray of R & R Racing built us some killer bike stands specifically to cope with the long over-hang of the dirt style forks. He'll do yours too.

Acerbis hand guards, DID chain, grips , front number plate (CRF450) front fender (XR100) and misc parts supplied by Champions Honda Cocoa, FL 321-636-4988

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