bike on stand
As far as additional prep for track usage was concerned, all I had to do was remove the side stand and lights. Safety-wire a few important bolts and secure the kick-start at a secondary point. Taylor Motorsports stepped up to the plate and gave me a ballistic nylon and Kevlar diaper to cover the bottom of the engine up, in case of a catastrophic failure. This thing easily holds a couple of quarts of oil (if need be) and doesn't look too intrusive. Tech stayed happy at its presence and I stayed happy knowing I wouldn't be oiling down any tracks in the near future.

I also tied the front end together quite nicely using a Summers Racing Components fork brace. The stock forks are light, but a tad flimsy. The forks would flex around the left hand fork leg and caliper on hard braking. Once I added the Summers brace the forks were as flex free as a pair of inverted, were still light (obviously) and totally transformed the handling in one go. Best handling mod for the money - period.

src fork brace

grip & perch
To further enhance my flex-free braking abilities, I also added a Brembo radial GP master cylinder from Frenotec to my already powerful MotomasterUSA set-up. This adjustable span lever offered eye popping stopping with no fade - something that I had experienced a little with the stock master cylinder. I also added a stock XR100 front fender instead of cutting down the stock front for better aerodynamics (sic).

MyChron also chipped in with their nifty little lap-timer the MyChron light. This nicely made bit of kit ensured that I wasn't ever going backwards with my practicing because I could constantly monitor my progress from track arrival through to race day. This thing helped me stay self-sufficient because I didn't burden anyone with the task of watching my mundane lap after lap of practice. Also this helped me adjust my lines throughout the track and instantly see if I was faster or slower. I can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is to run a set of laps all within a couple of 100th's of each other all confirmed (with no lies) by this MyChron timer… well worth the investment.


To the track we went and this latest foray was an eye opener. I'd actually run out of excuses. I had made a superb handling and very able track vehicle equipped with pukka parts and rubber and I finally had nothing or no one to blame but myself if my performance went pear-shaped.

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